This Clay Mask, Endorsed by Scarlett Johansson, Enhanced My Skin Tone Within Two Weeks

While I’m typically cautious about celebrity-endorsed beauty brands, Scarlett Johansson’s skincare line, The Outset, has earned a special place in my routine—not just because I had the chance to interview her about it (though that certainly adds to the appeal). My skincare journey has been quite complex, grappling with persistent issues like irritation, breakouts, and dryness—challenges Johansson herself has faced.

“I started battling acne as a teenager. It was that initial breakout during puberty that I thought would fade with time, but it persisted into adulthood. I never imagined I’d struggle for so long; I had access to resources like top dermatologists, beauty experts, and makeup artists,” Johansson shares about her own skincare experiences. “Back then, the prevailing message was that to tackle acne or ‘problem skin,’ you had to strip it away, so I found myself stuck in a cycle of drying out my skin and enduring endless breakouts.”

Through The Outset, Johansson channels her personal beauty insights into the brand, setting it apart in a crowded market. Unlike many celebrity lines, The Outset focuses on a “less is more” philosophy, offering a curated selection of skincare essentials meticulously crafted to enhance skin health from within.

Among the standout products from The Outset (and there are plenty), one that has truly revitalized my skin and helped me achieve Johansson’s minimalist radiance is The Outset Purifying Blue Clay Mask ($46), now a cornerstone of my weekly beauty regimen.

Exploring the creamy texture, vivid blue hue, and distinctive ingredients of this clay face mask, I delve into every aspect of this gentle product—sharing why I believe it’s among the finest clay masks on the market. Continue reading for my comprehensive review.

About The Outset’s Purifying Blue Clay Mask

  • This clay face mask is designed to brighten skin, unclog pores, and deliver a gentle exfoliation that nourishes the skin without stripping it of any natural oils.
  • It’s formulated with clean ingredients like kaolin clay, gardenia, and pansy extracts.
  • The product is fragrance free and dermatologist- and allergy-tested.
  • While the clay face mask is made to work for all skin types, it’s formulated especially for those with sensitive skin types.

What I Like About The Outset’s Purifying Blue Clay Mask

There are numerous aspects to appreciate about this enriching face mask. Firstly, its formulation with sensitive skin in mind, as validated by the brand’s board-certified dermatologist, DNava Greenfield, MD, from Schweiger Dermatology Group. “The Outset incorporates natural soothing ingredients such as rose hip oil, seed extracts, marula oil, and arnica flower extract, while avoiding harsh elements like fragrances—resulting in ideal formulations for sensitive skin,” she explains.

As someone accustomed to enduring a “purge” phase before gauging the efficacy of a new skincare product, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the mask’s gentle nature. It has managed to rejuvenate my skin’s appearance without triggering any breakouts. The clay mask applies smoothly without clumping or feeling heavy on the skin. Moreover, it dries gently, ensuring no discomfort during or after application.

What’s even better is its almost immediate results—within just two weeks in my case. After using the product once a week for a fortnight, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s tone and texture. Dark spots appeared less pronounced, and my complexion appeared brighter and livelier, devoid of its usual dullness. Additionally, my pores seemed less prominent, particularly in areas where I had previously struggled with acne scarring.

How to Use The Outset’s Purifying Blue Clay Mask

This clay face mask is a breeze to use and seamlessly fits into your weekly skincare routine. While it’s suitable for both morning and nighttime application, I prefer incorporating it into my evening regimen to keep my mornings simple. After cleansing my face with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water, I gently pat it dry with a towel. Then, I evenly apply the mask to my dry skin, starting from my cheeks and gradually spreading it across my face.

As my chin and lower cheeks are areas prone to persistent issues, I ensure they receive ample coverage. Following the brand’s instructions, I leave the mask on for 10 minutes before gently wiping it off with a washcloth—opting for a dark-colored one to prevent potential discoloration. A thorough rinse ensures complete removal of the product, after which I continue with my nighttime skincare routine, applying my usual products such as eye cream or a nourishing moisturizer. I eagerly await the morning to observe the full results.

After a few weeks of consistent use, I noticed a tangible improvement in my skin’s texture and radiance. Not only did breakouts diminish, but my pores also appeared less prominent. Overall, my complexion exuded a more youthful appearance, with enhanced brightness and a more even tone.

What to Consider Before Trying The Outset’s Purifying Blue Clay Mask

This product boasts a rich concentration of ingredients, resulting in a thicker consistency compared to other clay masks I’ve tested. Consequently, applying it on dry skin requires more effort, as I find myself needing to use a larger amount to cover my entire face adequately. At $46 per bottle, it becomes challenging to justify using the mask multiple times per week, as recommended by the brand.

While I adore this clay mask and would enthusiastically recommend it to anyone grappling with persistent skin concerns or dullness, it might be more suited as a luxury skincare investment reserved for weekly use. For a clay mask that can be used more frequently without breaking the bank, I suggest exploring budget-friendly options. Be sure to consult our guide to the best clay masks for further inspiration.


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